• Bill Sevesi

Bill Sevesi

Bill Sevesi (28 July 1923 – 23 April 2016) was born Wilfred Jeffs and a master of the steel guitar. Through his playing career he was known as Wilfred Jeffs (and the Islanders) becoming Bill Sevesi & The Islanders. He even backed teenage rock and roller Ronnie Sundin as Will Jess (& The Jesters).

Born in Nuku'alofa, Tonga to a Tongan mother and a Liverpudlian father he dedicated his musical career to the steel guitar and the music of the islands on way-too-many to list albums, EPs, and 45s that evoked the sound of the South Pacific.

"During his long career, Sevesi fostered many other talents, including the Yandall Sisters and Annie Crummer. His efforts for bringing music to the community were acknowledged with many awards, and two that were very special to him were the Creative New Zealand Pacific Islands Artist Award in 1997, and the Gerry Byrd Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998 for his contribution to the steel guitar. In September 2015 Bill Sevesi was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. Bill Sevesi passed away in April, 2016."