• Billy TK

Billy TK

One of new Zealand's strongest exponents of volume, wah wah, delay, and fuzz guitar Billy TK has reached legendary status in New Zealand. In the late sixties, as a member of the Human Instinct who cribbed their early material and sound from Doug Jerebine's 1969 demos. Hailing from Palmerston North his guitar style changed when he first heard the Pretty Things and became a member of The Sinners. By the late 60s his sound had naturally morphed into a heavy Hendrix sound. Developing his style in the early Human Instinct with volume, delay, and overdriving his amplifiers.

After leaving the Human Instinct in 1971 recording three albums with them, the second two of which he wrote material for. Billy then formed Powerhouse with an expanded band and consciousness. They recorded for HMV with most of these tracks being collected on a recent EMI collection. The early 80s saw him working as a producer in Los Angeles.

We recently uncovered some recordings from the mid nineties he recorded with Flying Nun's King Loser which are long overdue for release. Billy still continues to write and record material.